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What we do?

Mobile apps from scratch

With our experience we offer full process for creating iOS and Android applications. This includes product analysis, gathering requirements, designing user experience and interface. All this complemented with professional implementation along with project management.

Extending your team

With years of experience in mobile industry we can join you and your team to speed up delivering or extending your product. Direct communication with our team, using your existing tools for project management - we're flexible.

Improving your product

If you already started creating your idea, we can help you finishing it up. If it's already up and working, we can add more features, or remove quirks and bugs. Let us know, share your codebase, and let us do the work.

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our clients


We work with a number of clients - from startups to big, international companies.

I love Handcrafted Mobile for their engineering talent, they help us maintain rock solid software. Details make a difference and they know it! It is a pleasure to work with such professionals.

Mike Foster CEO at MNemo Labs

I found guys from Handcrafted Mobile to be very talented and commited to help us achieve our goals and deadlines. They just rock in everything they do!

Sebastian Krupa CEO at Shookai

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Handcrafted Mobile on a big mobile project over the past year. Their approach to customer consulting, product design and development is very professional, reliable and of high quality. Their expertise in mobile technologies and consistency in customer satisfaction make them a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Dominik Schreiber Co-Founder Mopius GmbH

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How we work

Our process

We believe that building great products require iterative and incremental approach. We’ve adopted Agile methods, love lean approach, believe in continuous improvement - from initial project idea, through estimations, development and testing cycles to project delivery, evaluation and further growing of your product.


Building beautiful and playful apps is not easy. We use various tools and techniques that helps to achieve this goals: code reviews, continuous integration servers, automated testing, A/B testing, static code analysis tools.


It seems really obvious that communication is important. We use Slack, Hipchat or Campfire all the time, Skype for standups, PivotalTracker for tracking progress. And we always welcome you in our office if you want to work even closer with your team!


That’s part of our cultrure - and one of our main principles. You can always check project progress, discuss possible solutions and improvements, ask for our opinion. We share information about effort we put in every feature - you can check that as often as you need to!


For best performance and user experience, we’re specializing in native application development with Android SDK and Cocoa Touch. And we know all those buzzwords, like Wearables, Material Design, HomeKit, Continuous Integration, TestFlight BLE, and so on.


We strongly believe that you don’t want to just hire developers, but want to build a team for your product. We are putting heart and soul into development, sharing all our knowledge, growing and learning with you. And we want to celebrate success of apps we’ve built with you!

{ Together }


Daniel Dudek

Co-founder, CTO

Helping people to create their apps taught me that little things added on top of just solving the problem makes it a piece of art that end users will love (and more likely to pay for it too!). Let's do it!

Marcin Łępicki

Co-founder, CEO

Years of work in IT industry taught me that clean design, maintainable codebase and simplicity are key points to success for every software project, no matter if that's your first MVP or enterprise size application. Your app could be next!

Łukasz Stypułkowski

Business Development Manager

When it comes to staying in touch with our partners and friends, it always offers a chance to talk about new and exciting ideas. Just call me whenever you need to talk!

Technical team

Developers, Designers, Testers

The strength of every company lies in its team. Supporting local events and meetups keeps us better connected with the experts in the industry. Our Android, iOS, and VR teams, along with designers and testers, now consist of a total of 15 talented people.

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Daniel Dudek

Phone: +48 503 989 772

Skype: daniel.codingfingers


Marcin Łępicki

Phone: +48 503 917 201

Skype: marcinlepicki



Send us a message using this form, or an email at
We will get straight back to you, talk about your project and the ways we can help you.

The message will be sent directly to the co-founders of Handcrafted Mobile - Marcin (iOS) and Daniel (Android). We will reach out to you to talk about your ideas and how we can help you.

You do not have to put much information here. If you do, we can think it through and get back to you with ready answers. Information such as a general description of the app, targeted platforms and estimated budget are welcome.

Please be assured that we response your privacy and this information will not be disclosed to any third party.